Melody Bannister 

Melody was living a very normal life in Stafford County, VA. She was married to a top-level accountant, living in an affluent suburb, and mothering four children.  She was deeply involved in her children's lives through school and an active member of her local church. 


In early 2019, her children began to come to her with shocking stories of their father and grandfather sexually abusing them.  Like any mother, Melody was horrified and shocked. But, she kept listening to her children and began to be convinced that their stories were true. She eventually took them to Stafford County Law Enforcement and Child Protective Services. After cursory interviews with the children, CPS and law enforcement dismissed the children's allegations as "vivid imaginations."

With no other options, Melody did what any loving mother would do - she left with the children in order to keep them safe from their abusers. Melody landed in Alabama and connected with her attorney, Sam McLure. Over the course of the next few weeks, evidence began to pour in that substantiated the children's allegations. 

Unfortunately, Melody's husband convinced a judge in Stafford County to order that the children be returned to the husband.  Again, Melody did what any loving mother would do. She refused to send her children back to their abusers.

The US Marshals were enlisted in the husband's hunt for Melody and the children. They were eventually picked up 8 months later. The children were returned to the father - yes, the same father that they fled from.  Melody spent 7 long months in jail before finally being released.  

Melody and her children need your help to share their story.  Help them bring justice to the evil men who abused them and the corrupted legal system who were supposed to protect them. 

Melody Bannister's Story

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